Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Change of Focus for Blog

Merry Christmas everyone.  I was thinking of starting a new blog for my cancer journey and then thought I'll just change my focus from weight lose to my journey for life.

It still all seems so surreal but now the "Dance Like There's No Tommorrow" is far more appropriate for this journey.

I thought I would do a time line blog of my journey and then I will always know what happened when.

November 26th - Great Grandson was born but also the day I found the lump in my right breast.

December 10th - Doctor's appointment, appointment made for mammogram and ultraosound.

December 20th - Mammogram and ultrasound of right breast.  Looked at the pictures and compared them to my mammogram in May, it was not there at that time.

December 21st - Doctor's appointment to get test results - ultrasound showed tendancy towards malignancy, there are no feelers and nothing in the lymph nodes which puts it at a stage one, localized cancer.  Waiting for an appointment for the biopsy.

Hard to believe that in less than a month your whole life can be turned upside down.

From here on I will only be posting when something concerning my cancer is happening, other than that life will simply go on.

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  1. Oh Tessa, I am so sorry! But I'm very glad that it's localized and that they caught it early. Will keep you in my prayers. "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow" is a perfect title - just for life in general! ;) God be with you!