Thursday, July 12, 2012

Update ....

I'm having a devil of a time trying to figure out this new blog posting page and a new puter to boot.  So if the spelling is amiss and the sentenced don't make sense don't be too quick to blame me cuz the puter did it.

So how the heck are you all?  I know it's been ages since I posted and I probably should be horsewhipped but time just seems to come and go and I do think about it honest, I just never get around to doing it.

Well there is lots to tell you about.  Firstly my sister has now had 3 chemo treatments and seems to be doing ok for the most part.  They had to put in a pic line as her viens keep collasping when they try to start an IV.  They are injecting the chemo directly into her viens as opposed to hanging it with solution.  It only takes about 30 minutes but they have to be so careful that the solution does not leak around the IV needle as it can cause great pain and major burns.

This week she has spent most of the week at the hospital as her pic line became infected and they had to remove it.  They are treating her with IV antibiotics 3 times a day.  They can't admit her to hospital as the risk of catching something is too great and her blood count is down to 1.6.  They think they caught the infection before it entered her blood stream.  Poor  kid, wish I could trade places with her so she didn't have to go through all this.

She has one more chemo treatment with the mild one and then she has 4 of the hard core stuff.  I am so scared for her.  I am thankful though that she has a great team of doctors working on her case and she is getting excellent treatment.

During all this she has had to deal with the passing of our aunt.  She was very close to this particular aunt as my sister was a meno baby for my mom and she let this aunt name my sister and she helped raise her as she had no children of her own.  She is in a better place but it was hard to say goodbye, expecially for my sister.

Work is work, very busy for me right now as I am doing file audits.  It is only me and I have over 160 of them to do.  I really enjoy my job but it can be stressful at times.  I have a wonderful manager so that makes it easier to deal with the stress.  He's very generous when it comes to giving time off or bringing coffee and treats in the morning.

Even when someone in the office complained to him that they thought I was taking bereavement leave to attend memorial services for my clients that were passing away he was compassionate and worked it so I could attend my aunt's funeral without having to put in for bereavement leave.  Not sure why anyone would have thought that in the first place - not only is it not ethical but you don't attend memorial services unless you know the person or the family really well.  I couldn't believe it when he told me. 

Being at an age where the older family members are passing on and that I live close to where I was raised there is an expectation to attend the services of those you know.  So hubby's uncle passed away this week and I refused to ask for the time off to attend.  Hubby understood and as I did not know the gentleman personally it was ok.  Other than I should have been there as support for hubby.

We've been experiencing a heat wave the past week and now everyone is complaining about the heat.  We humans sure are a funny bunch.  We complain if it's cold, we complain if it's hot, we complain if it's snowing and we complain if it's raining.  I guess in a perfect world it would be about 72F during the day, light rain showers overnight and never anything to complain about.  I'm thinking Heaven's gonna be a lot like that but I'm not in any hurry to get there.

Well that's pretty much it for this news cast.  I'll try and get back here a little more regular with some postings.

By the way I have been beta reading for a friend of mine that has just had her first books go to e-publish.  If you like a good romance story check out amazon kindle for an author named Brenda Sinclair.  She's new but I promise you some good reading.

Catch you later.

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