Sunday, July 22, 2012

Busy and Wild

Just came in from outside and the mosquitoes are as big as horseflies, nearly ate me alive.  It's been busy in my little world again but when isn't it. 

Hubby's uncle passed away so another memorial service for us.  I let him go to this one by himself as I didn't think it would be a good idea to ask for another day of bereavement leave after what happened last time.  His uncle was 91 and had led a good life right till the end. 

Sis didn't get her last chemo treatment as they have to redo the PICC line nect week then they will do it.  She's feeling much better after getting over the infection and ready for the next round in her battle.

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  1. I'm sorry that your work people are being so ignorant. I had three losses in the spring and I was worrying about what my work would think if I took time off for all of them (mainly the one secretary who we have to notify so she can fill out the paperwork...she's petty and a dolt, too!) We should be able to take time of of work to for ourselves or out spouses without fear of what co-workers are going to think/say!

    Glad that you sister is feeling better and getting over the infection. My cousin had a PICC line when she was pregnant because she was so horribly sick and she got an infection, too!