Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's Been Awhile

I do apologize for not having posted in a long time.  Things moved so rapidly with the cancer treatment I hardly had time to breathe let alone post to my blog.

I don't remember where I left off so will give you a quick run down of the timeline.

November 26/12  found the lump
December 10/12  doctor ordered mammogram and ultra sound
December 18/12  mammogram & ultrasound
December 21/12  results came back positive for invasive ductal carcenoma
January 3/13        biopsy done
January 10/13      got results, referred to surgeon
January 16/13      saw surgeon
January 24/13       had surgery |(lumpectomy)
February 14/13    got surgery results
February 28/13     started radiation
March 21/13        finished radiation
April 22/13          back to work

I've been feeling fine, just some residual tiredness from the radiation.  I have my 6 month check up in August so I am hoping all is well at that time.

I want to thank Skippy for keeping such a close eye on me during this whole ordeal, she's been awesome.  And even though I have never met her in person it felt like I've known her all my life.  Thanks Skippy, it meant a lot!


  1. I know darn well I haven't done enough. But you do know how much I love you - and I am sorry I couldn't be there for you.

    BTW - the Canadian/American postal systems suck.

    STILL -

    BEST of ALL is THAT YOU ARE GOING TO BE OKAY. Everyone's prayers answered.

    You are so beautiful and I am so glad you are here, with us. Hugs my lovely. I love you!

  2. WOW! So sorry to read this but glad you're doing well. ((( hugs ))) I've been thinking about my own scare around this time last year ... It was okay but those thoughts go through my mind again. Dawn

  3. Hi Tessa, I was actually just checking out a few of your posts on your journey and had a quick question about your blog. I was hoping you could email me back when you get the chance, thanks!


    1. Hi Emily, I don't have you e-mail address but you can reach me through Facebook - hhtessa@hotmail.com. Would love to answer any questions you have.