Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hello, hello, hello......

I think i hear an echo, can that really be me saying hello?  And just when you had all given up on me and decided that she's a phoney and never coming back, here I am, just like a bad penny.  I know I've been MIA but the hours at work have been long and arduous.  I've been doing 5 x 12 + 1 x 8 = 68 hours a week so I haven't had much energy for anything but work and sleep.  Don't even ask me about food right now as all sensiblity has gone right out the window.  Meal times are whenever I think I can take 5 minutes and find something and then I usually fall asleep before I get through it.

It's a long weekend here in Alberta and so far today is the only day that I am going to get off.  That means all cleaning and laundry must get done today because there is absolutely no way of knowing when the next day off will be.  Am I totally nuts?  Probably but I am one of those dedicated employees who will endure just about anything to ensure the job is completed.  Unfortunately, I don't know if there is ever going to be an end to the mountain of paperwork that comes in and goes out in this job.  The new system is up and running but not without some glitches which is to be expected with a transition.  I truly am hoping that tomorrow will be the last day of necessary overtime and then I can get back to working normal hours before this old body does a 180 and craters on me.  So far I've been hanging on and doing ok but I am sure it is only a matter of time before it says enough is enough.

Sometimes work is an outlet for me in dealing with stress,  Strange as it may sound when I am working life has a way of not getting to me.  We are still struggling with the insurance company over hubby's disability and have now had to send in another appeal in order to keep the file open until the end of May when he has an appointment with a Rheumatoidologist.  The meds they put him on were just making him sick and he gained 20 pounds in 2 weeks and was hardly eating anything.  So they took him off of the one and his weight has gone back down but he is still fighting being sick to his stomach and the pain has increased horribly.

My youngest son broke off his engagement and that has been hard on everyone.  She has a 13 year old daughter and an 8 year old son that run her life and he just couldn't stand by and watch it any longer.  He tried to talk to her and she just doesn't see the problem.  These kids are totally out of conrol and she wouldn't let him discipline them and when she did it was useless as they just whined until she let them have their own way.  He loves her with all his heart but is not willing to have these kids run his life or watch them ruin hers.  She will be moving out next weekend so he's coming here until she is gone.  My heart goes out to him and I had hoped she would be the one but I also understand where he is coming from.  I hate to say it but these kids are literally monsters and she will never be allowed to have a relationship with anyone because of them.  They have made her feel so guilty over the split with their Dad that she gives into their every little whim and I want.  It is really sad to see.

So that is it from my end of the world.  Missed last week's TOP's weigh in due to work and no weigh in this week because of the holiday so I have no numbers to report.


  1. I've been thinking of you, so I am glad to read this update. Last year, I had a whole school year of what it sounds like your work has been lately...just go, go, go, and hardly a minute to spare for a meal. Hopefully it lets up soon. I used to love a part time job I had, because the work was always the same so it was easy to know what to expect and so that was less stressful.

    I'm sorry to hear about your son's broken engagement. That must be really difficult for all of you.

  2. Wow, it sure has been a couple of weeks for you. Bless your heart. I hope your hubby is feeling better soon and that your work hours decrease sometime soon. Do yourself a favor and pack a little cooler of snacks and drinks so you aren't running to the vending machines every couple of hours to keep up your energy. Even the micro soups can be found [no refrigeration needed - by Campbell's] that are low in calories.

    As for your son - he made a good decision. When I began dating [and eventually remarried] we both had kids - and the one deal we had was we raised the kids together and didn't argue over rules and discipline. If I hadn't found someone that agreed with my parenting then the deal was off - I was fortunate to find such a person - but any person that allows their children to run their lives and disrespect an adult [as these two are obviously doing to your son] isn't worth it. Makes me very sad that he lost someone he loves, but his life may be better off without that heartache.

    Sorry, just my two cents.

    It is nice to see you. Always.

  3. Wow, busy, busy. I hope things work out better for the men in your life - SOON! And glad you had Family Day "off" - okay, off from your regular work! ;)